How To Configure CertAccord When IP/DNS Is Not Accurate

By Mike Cooper / March 22, 2021

CertAccord Enterprise provides automated X509 Certificate Lifecycle Management between PKI platforms like Microsoft ADCS and endpoints running Linux, MacOS, and Windows. The typical CertAccord setup…

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How to Configure Apache Tomcat With Fully Managed TLS Certificates

By Mike Cooper / February 5, 2021

Apache Tomcat is a popular open source application server.  One of the most critical best practices for securing Tomcat is to configure SSL/TLS (HTTPS) using…

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Using CertAccord Enterprise to Secure VPN/Network Authentication

By Mike Cooper / February 1, 2021

Using CertAccord Enterprise to Secure VPN/Network Authentication One of the more popular uses of CertAccord Enterprise is to create X.509 Certificates providing ClientAuthentication for Virtual…

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Revocent Founder Mike Cooper Talks About CertAccord’s Origin

By Mike Cooper / November 20, 2020

Revocent Founder Mike Cooper was a special guest on The PKI Guy’s Office Hours where he discussed how our CertAccord Enterprise product was thought up.…

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Moving past the madness of manually updated X.509 certificates

By Mike Cooper / November 2, 2020

Many organizations rely on Microsoft ADCS for their PKI, but often use manual processes to provide service to all their platforms.  Read more about this…

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Overcoming the Challenge of Shorter Certificate Lifespans

By Mike Cooper / October 15, 2020

In August 2019, Google introduced CA/Browser (CA/B) Forum Ballot SC22 to reduce Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate validity periods to one year. After much discussion…

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5 Key Takeaways from Our Certificate Management Tech Talk

By Mike Cooper and Adam Cason / September 23, 2020

An enterprise certificate authority (CA) is a vital element of the modern IT ecosystem. It provides the security foundation for all your users, devices, and…

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Join our Tech Talk with Futurex – Learn how to unify certificate management

By Mike Cooper / September 1, 2020

With a combination of Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and Revocent CertAccord Enterprise you can automate certificate provisioning and renewal across your entire network.…

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Video: CertAccord Enterprise Management Console Demo v6.0

By Mike Cooper / August 20, 2020

CertAccord Enterprise Management Console Demo v6.0 This demonstration covers the CertAccord Enterprise Management Console. CertAccord Enterprise allows you to quickly and easily create X.509 digital…

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Crypto-agility is critical to your company’s security

By Mike Cooper / July 14, 2020

To achieve long-term data protection in today’s fast-changing and uncertain world, companies need the ability to respond quickly to unforeseen events. Threats like quantum computing are…

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